We design graphics for marketing materials and websites … logos, either from scratch or updated … icons, buttons, and other visual cues.

Image Wizardry

Anybody can pull images from a stock library. Many of our images start with the stock photo, but then we customize the photo so that it is yours, and more accurately illustrates a copy point.

Often the client doesnt have the time or resources to capture the scenes and settings that will best enhance their copy. But we can take shots and superimpose them on a stock photo to give us what we need. Case in point: the image above of the gentleman reading the book consists of a stock photo with my head superimposed.Often

Removing obstacles is also a big part of image construction. For Example, in the original of the technicians in a lab, there was a pole blocking the technician in the background to the right. We removed the pole and, through a number of Photoshop devices, rebuilt the image of the technician.

Regarding the image of the shoeshine stand, they found exactly the stand we wanted, but it did not have any background – so we created a floor and walls to give perspective and context.

The image of the LRFAMeter was similarly constructed from individual components: gauges, meters, backplate, titled plaque, the screws in the title plate were separate images combined to produce exactly going for.

We have a number of subscriptions to stock services, and we have never failed to find just the right image – but, as in the examples above, often that is just the starting point for a and that is unique to you.