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Jay Mitchell has worked with some of the world's greatest radio stations and the biggest personalities—KISS-FM (KIIS)/Los Angeles (Rick Dees, Ellen K); WGCI/Chicago (Tom Joyner, Doug Banks); KISS-FM (KHKS) Dallas (Kidd Kraddick Morning Show). But he's just as proud of his ability to help stations in smaller markets achieve their potential. Click here for more information.

Web Development

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The Small Market Radio Newsletter
The world's only publication exclusively for radio broadcasters in small and medium markets, and those who rely heavily on local-direct business


Jay Mitchell's Blog
Random musings on life's curves and corners

About Jay Mitchell

Jay is a true Renaissance man. With deep, second-generation roots in broadcasting, he has covered all the bases from air personality to ownership. For over thirty years he has provided advisory services to broadcast groups as well as myriad other businesses — including an international media/publishing firm, and even a United States Senator.

Jay publishes a weekly vertical-market newsletter, for which he also hosts a pocast. He is a frequent human-interest and humor blogger.

Career Highlights

Radio Personality — New York, Hartford, Long Island, Boise, Flint
Programmer — Dallas, Hartford, Long Island, Flint, Boise, Cedar Rapids
Executive Positions — Senior Vice President, Beck-Ross Communications (Long Island, Hartford, Providence, Flint); General Manager, WBLI (Long Island), WHCN (Hartford)
Consultant — Gannett, Clear Channel (iHeartMedia), Cox, Heritage Media, Beck-Ross, Sorenson: Los Angeles, Chicago, Long Island, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Tampa, Nashville, Knoxville, Kansas City
Talent Coach — Rick Dees, Tom Joyner, Ellen K, Kidd Kraddick, Kidd Kraddick Morning Show, Jagger, Bob & Tom, Gene & Julie
Ownership — Fairfield Media Group
Publisher — Small Market Radio Newsletter, Jay Mitchell’s Blog
Digital Strategist — International Health Care Company, City Economic Development Coucil, Public Service Campaigns, Political Campaign, Fine LeatherGoods, countless broadcasting companies

Broadcast and Internet Consulting

Jay Mitchell may well be the most successful and effective consultant you’ve never heard of. While other consultants take high-visibility roles with their client stations, Jay prefers to work quietly in the background and let the station and its people justifiably take credit for their success.

That’s the way Jay has worked with stations and groups both large and small, including KIIS (Kiss-FM) in Los Angeles, WGCI in Chicago, as well as stations in Dallas, Houston, Long Island, and many other such markets.

But Jay is equally proud of the work he has done in small and medium rated markets, including Hartford, Providence, Kansas City, Des Moines, Sioux Falls, and Rapid City – and he is especially proud of helping stations in small unrated markets like Bristol, CT; Watertown, SD; Redwing, MN; and even the tiny town of Hot Springs, SD.

And Jay is uniquely qualified to work with stations on their online presence as well. He has been involved in the Internet and web development since 1993 – or, as he likes to say, “since Al Gore invented the Internet.”

No matter what the size of the market or the scope of the assignment, Jay brings his experience and success in ownership, programming, sales, and marketing – both on the air and on the web. Even when he is retained in one specific area, the breadth of his experience and knowledge gives perspective to his counsel that is unique in the world of consulting.

To find out how Jay can help you in your particular situation, contact him for a no-obligation free initial consultation. More than likely, that session alone will give you a number of actionable ideas that you can apply right away.

Call Jay at 949-533-4912 or email him today.

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